Our Assessment Mornings include short tests in Maths and English to see if your child is working at a suitable level for the AIM Kent programme.


Tunbridge Wells Assessment Morning

Sunday 21st November, 10am at The Skinners' School

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Tonbridge Assessment Morning

Sunday 28th November, 10am at The Judd School

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How can my child get a place at AIM?

We have a simple four step selection process:

1. When your child starts Year Five register for one of our Assessment Mornings.

2. The AIM Kent programme is open to families with incomes below a threshold that we will discuss with you directly. Please don't be shy about enquiring. We will always be open and honest with you about the secondary school options available to you in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. Any information that you discuss with us is held in strictest confidence. 

3. At the Assessment Morning children sit some tests in English and Maths. We make sure that the children have breaks and fun in between the tests, to make the experience as relaxed as possible, while finding out where their skills are and how they might be developed to allow the children to perform well in the Kent Test. 

4. We contact the parents of children who attend the assessments in early December. If we think your child is suitable for the AIM Kent programme, we discuss the tuition sessions, transport, homework and plans for 2022 and beyond, before offering them a place on an AIM Programme. The tuition programme runs from January to September, providing weekly tuition all the way up to the Kent Test in September 2022. 

If you need any further information about AIM Kent, or just want to chat with us about your child's suitability, please get in touch via hello@aimkent.org.uk