Is AIM Kent for me?

AIM Kent helps families with low incomes to achieve full and fair access to grammar schools in Kent.

If you would like to chat with us about your child's suitability for the AIM programme in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells please get in touch via hello@aimkent.org.uk

What does each AIM Kent child receive?

  • Term time weekly tuition delivered by professional tutors.

  • Weekly, three hour, school holiday workshops.

  • Subscription to Bond Online

  • Two mock exams (in April and July)

  • 1:1 feedback meetings with their tutor

  • Enrichment activities (aka Fun!)

When should I apply?

We select children for our AIM Kent programmes in the November of their Year Five at primary school. Please contact us when they start Year Five, in September or October, to see if we can help you.

What is a low income?

If your household income is less than £25,000, and/or your child is on Pupil Premium or Free School Meals then they could be eligible for a place at AIM. 

Please don't be shy about enquiring. Any information that you discuss with us is held in strictest confidence. 

How do Grammar Schools support children from low income families?

Kent Grammar Schools can offer support to pupils regarding uniform costs, extra tuition and bursaries for school trips and IT equipment. This is tailored to the pupils' needs when they join Year Seven.