Mock Tests

There is no substitute for practice! Familiarity with the way that the Kent Test works is a great way to help your child prepare. Our mock tests are designed for Year Five children and are held in April and July.

Children sit specially prepared 11+ type papers covering the Maths, English and Reasoning (verbal and non-verbal) elements of the test.


This experience can:

  • Show students their current strengths and highlight areas for future focus

  • Give students exposure to the real test format

  • Practice working under timed conditions

  • Practice sitting the test in a formal but supportive environment


Parents receive your child’s scores for each element of the test along with standardised scores,  similar to those given by the 11+.

Our mock tests are run in partnership with The Right Tuition Company 

Mocks are free to children enrolled on our AIM Programme. The cost is £35 for other children.

If your child receives Pupil Premium or Free School Meals, please email before booking a place as we may be able to offer a discount. 


All funds raised will benefit AIM, to help support children from low income families through their tutoring programme. 

How do I book a place on a Mock Test?

Our 2022 Mock Tests are fully booked. 

 What does my child need to bring to a Mock Test?

Please bring a water bottle,  pencils, a ruler and a rubber.  It might be helpful to wear a watch to keep an eye on timings but we do have a wall clock so it’s not essential.  Children may bring a small mascot/comforter/toy to sit on their desk if they wish.

Please do not bring mobile phones, smart watches, gadgets or valuables.


What does a Mock Test include?

The test is what you will expect in the real 11+ paper. The test has been written exclusively for AIM by The Right Tuition Company. There are four sections of 30 minutes with a 15-minute break in the middle. We will start with English and Maths, have a break and then do Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning.


Do I bring snacks?

We hope to be able to offer your child a snack but we are not able to cater for specific dietary requirements, so if your child has a special diet, please send their own snacks in with them.



There will be no parking on site but there are Pay and Display car parks and bus stops within a five minute walk. If you or your child have a disability, parking can be arranged on site.


Do I need to stay with my child?

Parents are encouraged to leave their children and return at the end of the mock. There are plenty of coffee shops nearby and a local park just a few minutes walk away. There will be AIM volunteers on site who are DBS checked and first aid trained. We will also have some volunteer invigilators. Please let us know in advance if you think that being left with the AIM team will be difficult for your child.


Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Anxiety/Mental Health Issues.

We will try our very best to enable all children to sit this test. If you have a child who might struggle to manage in the main hall and requires additional support or the exam adapted then please get in touch beforehand. 

Most children will be feeling a little anxious so we have plenty of staff to offer reassurance. We offer a yoga and mindfulness 5 minute relaxation session at the beginning of the exam to help the children relax.




When will I receive my child's results?

Results will be emailed within 7-10 days to the email you provided at the time you booked. There will be a percentage score for all 4 parts of the exam (Maths, English, VR and NVR) and an overall score.


Can I get my child's answers?

We are able to send your child’s papers to you by post but ask you bring a Stamped Addressed Envelope (A4 size)  on the day of you would like us to do this.


The test question paper remains the copyright of AIM and The Right Tuition Company, and we ask that you do not share the paper with anyone else.  AIM is a registered charity. All proceeds from our Mock 11+ tests will help fund our programme for future years.